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What to Look for in a Service Provider of Facility Management in Australia

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18:00 PM

Whether your goal is to reduce costs or maintain a safe working environment, hiring service providers of facilities management in Australia is the ideal solution for your specific business objectives. In other words, it ensures your company's overall balance.

However, due to the current health crisis, the growth of businesses hiring facility management services in Melbourne has halted. Yet, it is expected to stabilise this year of 2022 and fully recover by 2025 or 2026.

Regardless of these changes, the importance of having a dependable facility manager should remain high on the priority list for any business field. Because if your facilities are constantly failing, it reflects poorly on your brand and employees.

That is why the expert team at Proactive Facility Management compiled the following characteristics of a top facility manager to ensure your company's beneficial success:


Quality #1: Communicates Effectively

Business changes are constant, such as new office procedures, technological advancement, consumer expectations, and industry regulations. And any business owner who makes these changes is likely to face opposition. That means that some employees may be unwilling to adapt to changing circumstances, causing conflict.

Thus, good facility managers are needed. They understand how to communicate the necessary changes to employees to make them internalise that the new strategies are beneficial to both the company and themselves.

Quality #2: Listens with Compassion

Good listening skills accompany a communicator of change. To better understand the employees' complaints and frustrations about the changes, a facility manager listens and empathises with their reasons, behaviours, and preferences influencing the actions.

So, to give you a better understanding, here are some tips for compassionate listening:

  • Listens Intently
  • Exhibits Interest
  • Prevents Judgement
  • Provides Genuine Intention
  • Monitors Emotion and Feedback

Quality #3: Understands Technological Competence

Businesses have recently improved their provisions by utilising technology.

It is not surprising at all, given that all companies are using cloud-based services to store and manage everything online, transforming our traditional way of running a business regularly. We use technology to manage computers to networking systems to make things easier and more accessible.

When competition becomes more technologically advanced, facility managers must be technologically savvy to manage and leverage every aspect of the business effectively.

In a nutshell, they use technology to increase productivity, decrease downtime, and streamline daily operations. As a result, business disruption is avoided.

Quality #4: Combines Actions with Analytic-Strategic Value

The strategic facilities’ management in Australia focuses on long-term business goals. Simply put, it focuses on the continuous effort of all business components toward a measurable business goal.

Most service providers of facility management in Australia have a specific goal in mind, such as improving financial flow, retaining top-tier talent, or increasing its stability compared to its competitors. Whatever the case may be, you should link your company's goals to a list of activities related to your goal and base them on analytic and strategic value.

Quality #5: Finalises Results with Decisive Approach

Making timely decisions based on firm goals and an appropriate amount of information is one of the essential characteristics of a decisive leader. A determined facility manager does everything from weighing competing costs to making clear and final decisions and everything in between.

In the same way, all of Proactive Facility Management's staff and services, even our simple cleaning services in Melbourne, are tailored to decisive goals. That is because we follow quality-based actions, such as the following steps:

  • Discovers critical business information;
  • Knows what to prioritise or concentrate on;
  • Makes decisions with clarity and assurance;
  • Works on becoming more at ease with uncertainty; and
  • Accepts responsibility for the consequences of our choices.

Quality #6: Motivates Positive Change

Just because the business is running smoothly, it doesn't mean new strategies stops; management does not end there.

Dependable facility management takes on responsibilities to increase the company's chances of success and improve it even when things are going well. This can take the form of constantly innovating the status quo by implementing new cost-effective solutions to the organisation for the benefit of the business.

However, exploring unexpected opportunities entails risk. Yet, this risk is a necessary component of a business. But when facility managers actively seek new and efficient methods, they uncover more hidden opportunities relevant to the industry and expose inefficiencies.


Are you looking for cost-effective facility management solutions in Australia?

Proactive Facility Management has years of experience dealing with various businesses, ensuring maximum efficiency on our full-scale service on property operations. We work hard to maintain the essential characteristics of a good operation and maintenance strategy.

That is why some of our employees are full-time or part-time managers. They work around your schedule to effectively manage your property, allowing business owners like you to focus on other business core aspects. At the same time, we maintain your property assets by lowering expenses.

So, if you require dependable facility management services Melbourne, contact us right away for a free service estimate for your property. You can contact us by phone on 1800 898 748 or email at