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This is how a good strata management company can increase the price of your property

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11:00 AM

Is your building starting to look a bit tired or dated? Are you concerned about the property value in an ever-competitive landscape in Melbourne?

There are many simple ways you can increase the value of your property, and luckily, most of them can be achieved through solid building management. By appointing a strata management company to overlook your facility management, you can leverage your return on investment overall.

Not sure how to do that? Here are some of the ways a proficient strata or facilities management companies Australia can help you achieve success.


They improve the appearance of interiors and exteriors

First impressions matter, and a strata manager who knows his/her stuff can get you on the right path towards achieving this.

The appointment of an efficient concierge property services is an excellent first step, as they will be the coordinator of the operations and the point of contact for all tenants, current and prospective.

Then there are many affordable measures that strata management companies can take to breathe new life into your facility. Simple aspects like a fresh paint scheme, brand new tiles and modern upgrades can make the building significantly more attractive.

And while the modern work environment is moving away from individual desks and cubicles, the introduction of shared spaces and communal areas can also benefit the value of the overall property.


They can modernise your facility to reflect today's standards

What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a 'smart building' or the 'Internet of Things'?

Buildings are changing and they need to be properly managed to fit into the digitised world. Almost every element of your facility can be taken online and controlled from a central location, streamlining your operations and business processes.

Within this, security, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and elevators can all be upgraded to better suit the digital revolution. This level of technological control also includes smart functions like rooms that can automatically shut off lighting, as well as flicking the switch on heating/air conditioning when sensors report there is no one in the room.

All of the data farmed from these sensors can then be reported back to central control, for use to further enhance the facility, improve customer experience and drive down costs.


They will make your property environmentally conscious

Environmental sustainability has become an essential issue to a lot of people, but upgrading your facilities to be green is not just right for the conscience, it’s also good for the building's bottom line.

There are several measures a strata manager can take to increase environmental friendliness that will also cut hefty bills along the way. This often makes the facility more desirable to potential tenants or purchasers as well.

Some of these strategies include rewiring existing systems to use alternative energy sources, like solar with battery solutions. Planting greenery throughout the building – in the form of a rooftop garden, communal space or even plants that climb up and occupy wall space – promote higher productivity and also provide a natural air filter.

Rainwater can be trapped and recycled as toilet water, while thermal systems can be used to rely less on heating and air conditioning.

Want to find out what else a strata management company can do for your property? Get in touch with the facility management experts at Proactive FM now.