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How to pick the perfect concierge for your building

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10:00 AM

Time is at a premium these days. We're all working longer, doing more, pursuing career and lifestyle goals.  Once, the time-poor might hire an assistant to take care of day to day tasks, such as making reservations, picking up dry cleaning, collecting mail and so on – today professional concierge property services can help take care of all these responsibilities.


The modern concierge acts as a property’s representative – he or she is the face of your business and the best work hard to fulfil your customers every request with a smile. Friendly, calm, reliable and knowledgeable, just their presence can convey the elite, exclusive nature of your business, but that’s not all they can do.


The heart of a building concierge’s raison d’etre is their extensive list of contacts. A great concierge will have access to a network of suppliers and providers, whether it's to ensure everyday communications run smoothly or purchase exclusive event tickets, provide ideas and local information or source a dry cleaner. They'll take care of the daily minutiae, leaving business owners to focus on more critical issues concerning a property.


Also, there's an economic advantage to outsourcing your professional concierge services – should your concierge be ill or decide to move on, the concierge company covers the cost of organising a replacement and will ensure they're adequately trained and inducted, too, which means minimal overheads for you.


A well-trained concierge is a boon for your residential property or commercial business. But how do you find the right concierge services to meet your needs? Here's a quick guide to making the right choice:


  1. Do they make a good first impression? You have one chance to make a positive impact on potential customers visiting you for the first time. So it makes sense to choose the concierge based on how they can enhance your building’s marketability – and that includes how they greet tenants, residents, employees and guests.
  2. Does their service match yours? Ask a professional concierge company what services they can cover for you. Will they provide a 24/7 service if you need it? What's included: simple visitor sign-ins and parcel handling or extended services like event planning and errand running?
  3. How do they vet their people? You want the very best for your business, so you’ll want to make sure your concierge company’s hiring and training practices are top of the line. What is their average staff turnover (will they be able to maintain continuity at your property)? Don’t be afraid to ask how they screen their staff and what guarantees can they give you about a potential staff member’s suitability for your business.
  4. Do they provide on-going training for their employees? It’s vital your concierge keeps abreast of the latest professional information and techniques. A great concierge company will also conduct regular performance evaluations to ensure staff are working at their best.
  5. Can you call their references? A professional concierge company will be happy to give you a list of clients you can contact to check they're happy with their service. Many building managers don't bother to follow up with these contacts, but it's imperative for your business that you do. Ask about the company's record for staff retention, ability and versatility. Do they have transparent communication and feedback procedures? Are issues dealt with promptly? If you're satisfied with the answers provided, it's a good bet the company is an excellent fit for your business.


Talk to us today about how concierge services can add value to your business.