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Professional Sanitising Services Melbourne

With recent events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to ensure your workplace or residence is properly cleaned and disinfected. We offer professional decontamination services in Melbourne that strictly adhere to the Department of Health’s Infectious Disease Guidelines to ensure only the best possible outcome. Proactive FM provides a customised approach to your needs and aims to deliver exceptional cleaning procedures/protocols that are second to none.

We take great pride in delivering an exceptionally high standard of work that is pleasing to our customers. Whether you’re a medical facility, residential home or industrial warehouse, our professional team is fully equipped to disinfect and clean a range of bacteria’s, viruses and unclean areas to prevent further risk of infection.

Why choose Proactive FM for professional decontamination & sanitization services?

  • We offer comprehensive & environmentally friendly sanitising solutions that are safe, effective and contain strong virucidal ingredients to ensure the best clean.
  • We are vigilant with wearing suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) that is vital with every cleaning project.
  • All staff are fully trained and equipped in Infectious Disease Guidelines, following strict company disinfection protocols & ensuring the safe use of hazardous materials.

Decontamination Services – A Melbourne Based Company Specialising in Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions

Proactive FM provides an eco-friendly cleaning and decontamination service without the use of toxic chemicals. All our products are high quality, hospital grade disinfectants that thoroughly cleans your premises to a professional standard. Whether you’re a commercial, residential or industrial property, we can handle a range of projects to help keep your property sparkling clean.

Our extensive protocol procedures will ensure your home or office is properly sanitised and disinfected to remove all traces of infection or disease particles on both surfaces and in the air. You can trust our reliable team to keep your property safe, hygienic and to a high industry standard.

 Proactive Facility Management is a professional sanitising services company in Melbourne you can trust. For more information on how we can help you with decontamination solutions, call us on 1800 898 748 to arrange a no-obligation quote.